Innovative Solutions

It’s more than just getting it there.

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy and demand fast, transparent delivery of the goods they purchase. Innovel keeps pace not only with 1- to 2-day delivery on 85 percent of orders, but also by leveraging mobile technology that keeps your customers’ deliveries in view at every turn.

At Innovel, our focus is the overall solution—not just completing a transaction. We go above and beyond the traditional, cost-based model to provide you and your end customers with a delivery value you can count on time and again.

Coverage and Maps

National coverage. Lightning-speed turnaround.

No matter what you need to deliver, your customers get it quickly and reliably—no matter where they are in the country.

With 11 distribution areas (shown in orange), we deliver to the entire continental U.S., Anchorage, Alaska and Oahu, Hawaii.

We offer 24- to 48-hour delivery capability for 85 percent of households and 93 percent of orders.

End-to-End Custom Solutions

Innovel provides better, faster and more efficient storage and delivery with best-in-class custom logistics to meet your needs and exceed your customers’ expectations.

E-commerce Fullfilment

We streamline the warehousing, picking and shipping of products sold by our online merchants.

Network Consulting

Based on our distribution networks, we evaluate, analyze and recommend the best strategy for each client.

Facility Design

We create well-designed spaces, essential for maximizing inventory productivity while minimizing facilities expenses.

Project Management

Based on our distribution networks, we evaluate, analyze and recommend the best strategy for each client.


We’ll design and evaluate your distribution network in order to minimize transportation, labor and overhead expenses.

Stocking Model

We partner with you and your vendors to keep your products in stock and ready to deliver as soon as an order is triggered.

Drop-Ship Model

We manage outside vendor customer orders, receiving shipments from the manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler, and delivering them to your customers.

Labor Performance

We review, analyze and re-engineer your warehouse work activities to increase output while keeping costs low.

Final Mile & Warehousing Solutions

From loading up the truck to setting up in your customers’ homes, Innovel provides the quick turnaround and expert care your customers expect.


Our trained and licensed technicians will make the necessary modifications in order to successfully install and assemble goods in your customers’ homes.

Delivery & Hookup

We unpack, place, attach and handle general preparation for use of consumer goods within your customers’ homes.

Reverse Logistics

We handle the removal, transportation and possible disposal of items collected from a store or end customer to the vendor, warehouse and salvage operation.


We keep our goods stocked, and we make sure to keep them geographically close to where they will be sold and/or consumed to ensure quick delivery and customer satisfaction.

Freight/Carrier Solutions

Innovel makes moving your goods as cost-efficient as possible, with innovative freight solutions and global product sourcing.

Freight Cost Reduction

We analyze your current freight costs in order to reduce extra freight expenses in the future.

Freight Consolidation

We scale your transportation costs by consolidating small shipments into one large shipment.

Freight Deconsolidation

We streamline our distribution process by breaking apart the large shipments, orders and goods.

Global Sourcing Solutions

We manage the vendors related to the sourcing and distribution of your product.

We’re serious about what we do.

In today’s marketplace, we know the high demand for quality and value. That’s why we’re constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest strategies and insights on how to make what we do work better for your customers.

At Innovel, our depth of experience gives us a deep understanding of not only the industries in which we operate, but the ever-changing needs of your customers. We are proud to provide best-in-class logistics solutions for our customers, and to share these best practices with you and the industry as a whole.